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Secret Garden Gozo

Floral bath salts

Floral bath salts

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Bath salt

Floral bath salts with epsom salt which is rich in magnesium & sulfur thus helpful with relieving aching muscles, promoting relaxation and soothing.

How to use: dilute few spoons of bath salt in running warm bath water, soak in for 15 minutes up to 1 hour, 1-3 times a week.

Volume: 400ml glass jar

Lavender dream 
Ingredients: Lavender, Calendula, Butterfly pea powder, Organic Lavender essential oil, Epsom salt
Lucid dreaming
Ingredients: Rosemary, Mugwort, Yarrow, Lemon balm, Clary sage, Mullein, Lavender, Epsom salt
Fairy garden
Ingredients: Bougainvillea, Calendula, Marigold, Zinnia, Dahlia, Sage, Chamomile, Rose, Epsom salt
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